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Algebra 1 

1:00 - 1:40

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1:30 - 2:10


Algebra 1 

1:00 - 1:40

Algebra 2

1:30 - 2:10


Algebra 1

12:00 - 12:40

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11:15 - 12:00


Algebra 1 

1:00 - 1:40

Algebra 2

1:30 - 2:10


Algebra 1 

1:00 - 1:40

Algebra 2

1:20 - 2:10

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MAJOR UPDATE:  Since school has been closed indefinitely, we need to start submitting our assignments on-line.  How ever you can get me your assignments is fine.  If you want to type and email that's great, you can take a picture and email that to me, or even text me that picture.  I want to be as flexible as possible for you to turn in your work.  If you have any issues, please reach out to me.  Please know that you are expected to complete each of the assignments below completely. 



Coronavirus Work Plan:
For the duration of the closure we will be working on a unit on statistics.  For each topic, you will be given some notes on the material that are already filled in.  These notes should be used to guide you in completing each assignment.  Please make sure that you are actually reading the notes and not just jumping into the assignment, or else you will not know how to do it!


You should complete all assignments on a separate sheet of paper.  Make sure to include th date for each assignment at the top of your paper, and be ready to submit these assignments on our first day back in session.


As always, feel free to email me with any questions that you might have.  


This plan is for both Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 students.




Wednesday March 18, 2020

 Today begins is your introduction to probability and statistics.  In the link below, you will find some guided notes.  Underlined in red are key terms that you should make yourself familiar with and the actual definition for each word is highlighted in yellow.  The third page is an activity for you to complete. On a separate sheet of paper, you should put the just the answers in the order that you used to complete the maze.  Good Luck!






Thursday March 19, 2020


Today, you just have to complete a worksheet.  On a separate sheet of paper, write just the number of the problem and your answer.  There shouldn't be many computations to do for this assignment.  Good Luck!




This may be helpful to answer questions about playing cards:

 Playing Cards.pdf 



Friday March 20, 2020

Today, you will be exploring the difference between Theoretical probability and Experimental Probability.  This about flipping a coin, the odds are always 50 - 50.  This is the theoretical probability, but we all know that if I flip a coin 4 times, its possible that I get all Heads and not 2 heads and 2 tails.  The notes included in this link explore this more.  There is also a worksheet to complete.  Good Luck!





Monday March 23, 2020

Today, you will explore the concept of a Mapping Diagram to list all possible outcomes of a given scenario.  The first page gives you the definition of a Mapping Diagram and several worked out examples.  The second page is for you to complete.  Good Luck!




Tuesday March 24, 2020

Today, you will explore the concept of the Fundamental Counting Principal.  This will help you determine the total number of outcomes of a given event or events happening.  The first two pages are notes that you should familiarize yourself with.  The third and fourth pages are a worksheet that you must complete.




Wednesday March 25, 2020

Today you will complete a quiz based on all of the material that you have completed thus far.  It may be helpful to look back to the previous days to see some of the material that you have covered already to help you complete the quiz.  Good Luck!




Thursday March 26, 2020

Back to new notes today!  I hope you found success on your quiz yesterday.  Today, you will get back into new notes about compound and independent events.  The first two pages are notes, and the third is another maze activity for you to complete.  Good Luck!





Friday March 27, 2020

Today, we just have a worksheet to complete.  The first page is worked out examples, the second page is practice for you to complete. Good Luck!




Monday, March 30, 2020

Today, you have some notes on population and samples.  These notes are very important as they build fundamental understanding of an extremely important concept.  The first 2 pages are notes, the 3rd page includes worked out examples.  The last page is a worksheet for you to complete 




Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Today, you have an assignment to complete on simple probability. Good Luck




Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Today, you have a 2 page review of all that we have done so far.  This review will serve as a great review for tomorrow's quiz.  As always, refer back to your previous note and assignments and reach out if you have questions or concerns.





Thursday, April 2, 2020

Great job in making it this far.  If you've been completing your work thus far, you've earned a break!  Today's task is just go back over yesterday's work and be ready for a quiz on Friday.




Friday, April 3, 2020

Quiz Day!  Try your best on this reveiw of all that we have done thus far in statistics.




Monday, April 6, 2020

Here are some new notes for a new week, and one practice worksheet.  Do your best and remember to reach out with any questions.  If you have not done the quiz, please get that in ASAP.




Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Here is today's assignment.  Do your best and remember to reach out with any questions.  




Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Here is today's lesson.  I included the maze already completed for you.  Make sure you know how each answer was obtained, but otherwise, there is nothing to submit for today.  Do your best and remember to reach out with any questions.  




Thursday, April 9, 2020

Here is today's assignment.  Do your best and remember to reach out with any questions.