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Are you ready for NJSLA?  You can practice the technology skills needed to succeed on the NJSLA online assessment by completing the exercises found below in the Tech Tune-up.  


The best way to do well on online assessments is to practice, practice, practice!  In order to help get your skills to tip-top form, practice exercises are arranged according to grade level and focus on the following skill sets:




These programs and games help students learn and practice their keyboarding skills.

Typing Club Introduces hand positioning and location of letters on the keyboard.  Students choose their own start levels and areas of practice.

Meteor Practice the location of letters on the keyboard.

Type for your Life Practice typing single words on your keyboard.

Numbers Practice using only the number keys.

Math Quiz Practice using numbers while improving your math skills.


Mouse Skills and Touch

Scrolling Practice

Pointing and Clicking

Math Maven

Highlighting (Grade 3)

Highlighting (Grade 4)


Dragging and Dropping

Practice following instructions, dragging, dropping, and using the number keypad on your computer.

Thinking Blocks

Clean-Up Your Grammar

Drag and Drop Math


Navigation Skills

Practice navigating pages, reading instructions, clicking items, drag/drop items, view videos and enter text into fields.

Story Starter

Calculator Chaos

Word Cloud for Kids

Writing in Fields

Respond to Prompts