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2018-2019 School Year

(Updated August  2018)


We have moved classrooms again!!!!

Look for our new classroom location at the opposite end of the 5th grade hallway. Our classroom is now in what was the 4/5 computer lab. Room 243. 

Please come and find me during Open House Night Tuesday!




This year, we will study the Rainforests of the World as our Major Study. We will use geography, math, logic, research, writing, and reading skills in order to learn about the world's Rainforests. This includes learning all about the products that grow there, the animals that inhabit them, and why many are endangered. We will also continue to enjoy some of our favorite activities including; chess, brain food, yoga and belly breathing, computer coding, and math. 

I look forward to seeing all of my returning students, and of course meeting some new students too! See you all at Heights very soon! :)

Mrs. Alexander 




Growth Mindset

"The belief that intelligence, talents, and abilities can be developed through strong efforts, good strategies, and assistance from others."




" Creativity is intelligence having fun."

Albert Einstein




  Major Study Curriculum for all Grades


The Rainforests of the World  



Weekly Schedule 2018-2019 


                                 Tuesday - Fourth (VanHelden and Komrowski)

                             Wednesday - Fourth (Edinger and Corsi)   

   Thurdsday - Fifth Grade 

Friday - Third Grade