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     Welcome to Ms. Martin's 6th Grade Math Class!   


    Thank you for visiting our classroom website.  Listed below you will find the syllabus details and expectations for this class.  Homework assignments can also be accessed from this site.  The daily homework assignment is posted in class each day and students are expected to copy the assignment in their agenda book.  If you have any questions please email me at or call 239-267-5757.  I'm looking forward to a great 2017-2018 school season!!


Ms. Martin

Grade 6 Math





Course Details:





Quarter 1 Topics:


  • Multi-Digit Numbers & Decimals
  • Quotients of Fractions
  • Integers
  • Ratios and Rates



Quarter 2 Topics:


  • Ratios and Rates
  • Fractions, Decimals, Percents, Proportions
  • Rational Numbers Sense
  • Expressions



Quarter 3 Topics:


  • Equations and Inequalities
  • Functions
  • Area of Polygons
  • Surface Area and Volume




Quarter 4 Topics:


  • Statistical Measures & Displays



Grading Scale and Category Weights:


Tests and Projects           50%

Quizzes                           25%

Homework/Classwork     15%

Math Literacy                  10%





A= 90-100
B = 89 - 80


C = 79 - 70


D = 69 - 60


F = 59 - 0








  • Tests/Quizzes – A test or quiz will be given weekly. They are posted weekly.




  • Notes - Students are required to keep all notes, classwork, homework, and other important papers.  Their folders and spirals will need to be organized and neat.




  • Homework - Homework is assigned Monday through Friday.   Each day homework assignments are copied in the agenda book. All answers to homework are to be completed in pencil.  NO credit will be given for answers without work. Half credit (50%) will be given to work that is incomplete or late.  Late homework must be turned in before the chapter test.  Make-up work due to an absence follows the district’s policy.



  • Math Classwork: Students participate in various class activities and standards reviews.





Behavior Expectations


1)    Be on time.   


2)    Be prepared for class.  Students will need their supplies everyday in class. 


3)    Be polite.  Treat teachers and classmates like you would want to be treated.  Students should raise their hand and wait to be recognized to speak.  Do not call out answers unless you have been recognized and asked to do so by the teacher.


4)    Be prompt.  Homework and other assignments should be completed on time. If absent, students need to make up the missing work in a timely manner.  They can check the website, agenda book, call a friend, or ask the teacher for any missing assignments.


5)    Be advised.  Gum, candy, and other food/drink are not allowed in class according to school policy. 




* Failure to meet behavior expectations will result in a mark on the electronic TOMS Card.




  1. Website: Students and parents are encouraged to visit the class website located on the school website for important forms, assignment updates, calendars, homework, and supplemental materials.
  2. Accessing School Website: Go to 
  3. E-mail:  For parents who wish to communicate through e-mail, teacher e-mail addresses are on the school website.  Ms. Martin’s email: 
  4. Phone:  For parents wishing to reach a teacher by phone, the number is 267-5757.