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Grade 3 Teacher:     Mrs. Nastasi    /Nuh Stah Z/      




Parent -Teacher Responsibility/Contact:


Adult Signatures Required


          ♦Monday Communication Packets


          ♦Check Student Planner


          ♦Progress, Behavior, & AR Weekly Goal Report


♦Phone Calls- (239) 481-1761   ext. 325


♦ E-mail






Student  Independent/Homework Daily Practice:


        ♦ AR Reading – 20 minutes




        ♦Addition/Subraction Facts: 0-12

        ♦Multiplication/Divsion Facts: 0-12





Student Responsibility/Behavior:




♦Critical Thinking


♦Show Your Work


♦Follow Class/School Essential Agreements




AR Reading:


       ♦Choose Books within your AR level


       ♦Read, Reread , Reread, and Reread


       ♦Take AR Quizzes to Reach your Goal

       ♦Fill out an "Exit Ticket"





Enrichment:  10:50-11:40

Hurricane & Panther Week

Grey, Red, Orange, Yellow Groups

Students know where to go and when.



LUNCH   12:31-12:56