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Your specific class, including instruction and announcements, can be found through Google Classrooms! 

Click the following link:


Click Go To Classroom, it will ask you to sign in and then you can add a class by typing in the appropriate code below: 

Senior high band: Class code   or6xd32

Junior high band: Class code    eg7ltrc
Music Technology:  Class code fheb6vd

Grade 7 Cycles:  Class code xiugmpb
For marking period 4 grade 7 cycles class, all work is available on packets by picking it up at the school.  As work is completed, it can be dropped back off at the school, or a picture can be sent through Google Classroom. 

All assignments are available on-line and in print.  If you do not have access to a computer or the internet, please make arrangements to pick up your work packet.

More information on when and where this can be done will be posted shortly.

Please check my webpage for updates