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Course Outline and Syllabus-  MSA_Sports_medicine_Course_outline 1718.docx 

 Sports Medicine Termssports med terms.pptx

Chapter 1 Powerpoint- The Field of Sports Medicine-Chapter 1.ppt

Chapter 2-Powerpoint  Chapter 02-AT.pptx 

Chapter 7 Powerpoint  SM-Chapter 07.pptx 

Chapter 21 Powerpoint- Taping Power Point.ppt 

Chapter 23 Powerpoint- Chapter 23.pptx 

Chapter 14- Soft_Tissue_Injuries_Ppt.ppt

Chapter 16- Shoulder anatomy and Injury.ppt 


                      Elbow Diagrams Sports Medicine.docx 

Hip Lecture- Hip Lecture.ppt 

                         Special Tests of the hip.ppt 

                      Hip anatomy quiz muscles.pptx 

Hip links- Hip injury clips(2).pptx 

Knee Lecture-  knee lecture(2).ppt 

Ankle Lecture- ankle lecture.ppt 



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