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AR Book Requirements


The Accelerated Reader requirement for your child’s ELA class is two books per trimester.  There is a specific due date for each book read. This is done in order to help the students develop their time management skills.  Below is a list of the due dates for each book.


1st Trimester:         Book #1 - due Friday, October 13


                               Book #2 - due Friday, December 1


2nd Trimester:         Book #1 - due Friday, January 19


                                 Book #2 - due Friday, March 2


3rd Trimester:           Book #1 - due Friday, April 20


                                 Book #2 - due Friday, June 8


 Students will be given some time in class to read but they will also need to do some reading outside of class in order to complete the assignment.  The books that you child chooses to read can come from home, the library or I have many books on my shelves for them to borrow.  

If your child does not complete reading his/her book and taken the AR test by the assigned due date, your child will be given a zero for that assignment.  As stated in the class policies, AR Tests are 10% of your child’s ELA grade.


In order to ensure that each student is managing his/her reading time wisely over the course of each trimester, the following procedure will be in place:

  • Grades 5 & 6 - Book responses will be completed in class on a regular basis.  These responses will be graded and are 10% of you child's grade.
  • Grades 7 & 8 - Book logs will be completed 3 times per week at home.  Completed logs will be collected on Monday and a new log provided for the upcoming week.  These logs will be graded and are 10% of your child's grade.


If you child chooses to read more books than those assigned, the highest score will be used for that interval.  3 points will be added to that score for all other books read by the due date in which at least a 60% was scored on the AR test.