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Homework Policy




Homework is an important part of the learning process as it is a

valuable aid in helping students make the most of the experiences and learning that have happened during class time. Homework is given to reinforce what has been learned in class, it teaches responsibility/organization,  and helps students develop positive study habits they will carry with them through their future years of education.


All homework assignments will be listed in your child’s agenda book and on the calendar located on my web page.  Assignments for each day will be posted to that calendar by 3:30 P.M..


If your child does not complete a homework assignment, an incomplete homework slip will be filled out and placed in your child's binder.  This slip will list the assignment that was missed. No late homework assignments will be accepted.

As listed on my class information sheet, homework is 10% of your child’s grade in my class.  Each student will start the marking period with a 100% as his/her homework grade.  For each incomplete homework assignment, this grade will be lowered by 5 points.  If your child’s homework grade drops below passing (65), you will be contacted to discuss an alternative homework completion plan.