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2017-2018 Class Information








My name is Lisa Drexler and I am very excited to be your child’s English Language Arts teacher.  It is my belief that students need to take a truly active role in their learning.  In my class, students will be provided with numerous opportunities for success each day.  In this class, we will be working on decoding skills, encoding skills, vocabulary, vocabulary strategies, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, analysis of a given text and writing skills.  Below, I have listed some information that you will find helpful throughout the year.


  1. Each day when your child comes to class, he/she is to check the plan board for what we will be doing that day.  All students are to put their completed homework in the homework bin and copy their new homework assignments into their agenda book.  I will initial their agenda books each day to ensure that they have written everything down.  When all of these things are finished, they are to begin the warm up activity that is listed on the board.


  1. Homework is assigned on most days.  It is meant to review or practice something that we have done in class.  I will send home a form listing my specific homework requirements for your review.  Homework may include online assignments.  Internet access options include home, library lunch, the Learning Lounge, after school homework club and the Margate Public Library.


  1. Your child’s grade in my class will be based on the following items:

                        Tests = 40%
                        Writing Assignments = 20%
                        Small Group Work/Centers/Classwork = 10%
                        AR Reading Logs/Responses = 10%

                        AR Tests = 10%
                        Homework = 10%

         Grades will be posted regularly on the Parent Portal.


  1. Daily attendance in class is very important in the learning process.  Unfortunately, there are times when absences are unavoidable.  A missed work folder will contain all work that was missed along with the date that the work must be handed in for credit.


  1. Communication between parents and teachers is crucial for student success.  I can be reached by email at   You can also call the school and ask to leave me a voice mail.  I also update my class webpage on a regular basis.


  1. Supplies needed in class each day:  agenda book, folder, binder and a marble composition book.

         Books needed in class each day: Workbook, textbook and an independent reading book.


  1. My classroom is a place where all students can feel comfortable learning new things.  It is an environment of kindness and mutual respect.  I expect all students to be considerate of each other and of their teacher.


Mrs. Drexler’s Classroom Rules

Be ready to learn.
Dream big.
Try new things.
Raise your hand when you want to share a thought or participate in a discussion.
Follow directions.
Be respectful.
Work hard and always do your best.