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Word Work: We are using Fundations for our Word Work program this year.  The students will be learning the letters and their sounds during this class.  They will also be learning how to write each letter.  Please continue to check our newsletter every Friday for the letters that they have learned so far.  


 PCR: This time is our Personal Choice Reading period.  The children love this time!! They can sit in a quiet area to read books that are just right for them.  


Continue to read with your child at home!

Writer's Workshop: Our writing is based off of Lucy Caulkin's Writer's Workshop program.  At the beginning of the year the students are learning how to draw meaningful pictures and labeling those pictures.  Some students are attempting to write sentenes for each page! Remember to encourage your child to write phonetically at home- just writing the sounds they hear.

Developmental Writing Levels: 


Here are some great links to explore with a parent/guardian's help and permission:


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Reading Eggs

Word Family Sort


Our class will be assessed during the year to see how well we are learning and making progress.