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Madame Ginsberg's French Class Rules 


1) This is French class. We speak French here!!

   - Use whatever French you can as often as you can! It doesn't have to be perfect, but you do    have to try your best.


2) YOU are responsible for you!

   - if you are absent, you missed something. Check the wiki and speak with classmates to get any notes you may have  missed.

   - check the "J'étais absent" bin for any missed work or assignments

   - Do any homework posted on the edmodo. 


3) Check Infinite Campus... OFTEN!

   - again, you are responsible for yourself. Be aware of your grades. Do not wait until the end of    the marking period.


4) Participate!  

   - 30 % of your grade is participation and homework. You must practice using French and make    the most out of class time.


5) Be a good classmate

   - okay. So you don't have to be bff's with everyone in the class. But I DO expect you to be    patient and polite and to help your classmates when they are confused or if they were absent.    This is not Hunger Games. We can all come out  alive.



   You are NOT allowed to use cell phones or any electronic devices in my class! (unless I gave you permission due to an assignment we are working on)  If you are caught using them you WILL be written up for "Failure to Follow Procedure" .