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Rationale for the Multi-Sensory Daily
Lesson Plan:
1.                 Allows for good pacing of activities
2.                 Positive utilization of brain based research on a student’s attention span
3.                 Avoids tiring of one modality
4.                 Aids students’ need for structure and organization
5.                 Automatically incorporates into each lesson multisensory teaching
6.                 Correlates all properties of each letter in presenting phonics, spelling, and handwriting
7.                 Interrelates all concepts presented and practiced
8.                 Develops structured procedures to level of automaticity
9.                 Allows for individual variation to meet student’s needs
10.             Allows students to link new learning to old
11.             Promotes interest in written language
12.             Successful planning equals a successful lesson for the students
13.             Provides a positive and anxiety-free lesson