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Sun-Sational Strategies and Graphic Organizers



Graphic organizers and learning strategies are easy tools that can be used to help you organize or make sense out of what you are learning. Feel free to check out and print the tools listed below. Remember, just because a graphic organizer is listed under a certain subject that does not mean that it cannot be used in other areas as well. Enjoy and happy learning !





SQ3R Strategy and Graphic Organizer 

A.S.K. Strategy




“The Format” for written responses 

Speculative Writing Brainstorming Graphic Organizer 

Persuasive Writing Strategies and Grabbers

Freitag’s Triangle Graphic Organizer




Introduction to Taking Notes




Strategy for Long Division 

Five Step Process for Solving Word Problems 

How-To: Multiplying Fractions 

How-To: Dividing Fractions

Helpful Tools for Math - Various websites and apps for extra math practice