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Welcome to Multi-Media Production/BEN-TV



Mr. James Pondillo

Bayonne High School

House 2 - Room 214

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*** Virtual Instruction ***

All courses will be instructed digitally via the Schoology learning management system for the  2020-2021 school year, or until advised otherwise by the superintendent of schools! Students are required to log in daily, complete assignments, join virtual instruction, and actively participate towards understanding daily learning objectives.  Students' virtual behavior and participation will be subject to grading, and greatly influence overall course outcomes. 





Course Descriptions:


Intro to Digital Filmmaking -This course will showcase the various positions found within the realm of digital filmmaking.  Students will be immersed into the world of filmmaking by classroom learning, professional interpretation, and producing various student led productions in which showcase the students' understanding of cinema lighting, audio production, camera operation, and digital editing techniques.  Classroom lessons and hands on productions will ensure the students achieve a well rounded understanding of the basics of digital filmmaking. 


BEN-TV Studio Production - BEN-TV Studio Production is a course designed to familiarize students with professional level television production techniques, standards, terminology, and regulations.  The focus of this coursework is located within the modern television studio at Bayonne High School.  Students will implement the coursework by working together as a professional television crew in order to create original studio programs and events that can be viewed on the Bayonne Educational Network. 


The Student Fim - The Student Film class is designed to group students into mini production crews in order to write, storyboard, record, edit, and premiere original student films from a number of genres.  All productions will display the group's highest video capabilities, and will be guided by collegiate and professional filmmaking standards and techniques.  Finalized student work will be entered into local, state, and national high school film festivals in order to maintain up to date production standards, and complete the student high school film experience.  This course has produced award winning student films that have been awarded and recognized in prestigious film festivals such as:


  • The All American High School Film Festival

  • The Golden Door International High School Film Festival

  • The Newark International High School Film Festival

  • The Black Maria Young Filmmakers Film Festival

  • The Rowan University Media Fest
  • Big Dreams and Silver Screens Film Festival

  • The New Jersey High School Film Festival

  • The Kent Place High School Film Festival






Classroom Rules:


1) Classroom attendance is a must!


2) School uniform and student ID should be present at all times.


3) Students should arrive to class on time daily.


4) Cell Phones and ear-buds are not to be visible during class.


5) All coursework should be completed and submitted by the designated project deadline.


6) Always Try!!



Classroom Materials:

Students should have the following materials on a daily basis:


1) Pen or pencil


2) Notebook


3) USB Flash Drive


4) Headphones


5) Chromebook



Student progress can be viewed and monitored by utilizing the BBOED's Parent Portal:



Student driven productions can be viewed by watching the Bayonne Educational Network or by visiting the BEN-TV YouTube channel:




Optimum - Channel 77

Fios - Channel 40




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