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Tools for School Success


  • Maintain a neat assignment pad, writing out as many details about your homework assignments that you can.


  • Keep a monthly calendar to map out your upcoming projects/tests/quizzes


  • To do lists will help to organize the small details needed to complete tasks.  Check off the items as you complete them and read to remind what you still may need to accomplish.


  • Take home all of your binders to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything at school.


  • Organize your binders frequently so you can find items which you may need easily.


  • Ask your teachers questions when you are not sure of directions or just want to make sure you have understood correctly.


  • Go to extra-help sessions whenever they are available.  Even if you think you understand the material, you may pick up something else which will help you.


  • Find a quiet place at home to work without distractions.


  • Call a study “buddy” if you forgot an assignment at school or you have a homework question.  Try not to give up.


  • Study and prepare for tests/projects/quizzes many days prior to their due date so that you are ready to do the best job you can.  Waiting to the last minute will only make you rush and possible forget something.


  • Do the best you can and take pride in the work you’ve accomplished!



Special thanks to Ms. Conklin for these great tips!