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CLQQ Explained

CLQQ is a Homework strategy that Mrs. Panycia uses for reading comprehension and retention. 

By finding 4 main parts to the reading, you are recording information, as shown below, that you will be able to remember more easily. 

The handout for this type of assignment generally looks like this:






Science Homework


Chapter           Lesson        


Directions: Some science homework assignments will require you to read a section of the book or an article and then list:


1) Something you think stands out as being COOL

2) Something you LEARNED while reading

3) Something you still have a QUESTION about after reading

4) Something that has QUIZ potential

    (meaning it would make a good quiz question-get creative: use    

    multiple choice, true false, or a short answer)


Read the assigned section, then use the space below.

1) Cool: Something I read that was cool was…




2) Learned: Something I read that I learned was…





3) Question: Something I still don’t understand is…





4) Quiz: Something that should be a quiz question is…