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Life iScience Online Textbook Access


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How to Login:

Username - Your school email address in all capital letters with the period between BOE and COM


Password - WA in capital letters in front of your six digit student ID #

example: WA123456


Google Classroom: There are further step by step directions posted in the ABOUT section on Google Classroom.


Troubleshooting:  If the directions above do not work, please email your Science Teacher for assistance.



Information about the book: Designed for today's tech-savvy middle school students, the McGraw-Hill Education iScience program offers hands-on investigations, rigorous science content, and engaging, real-world applications to make science fun, exciting, and stimulating. McGraw-Hill Education delivers a truly comprehensive text that provides academic rigor, scientific accuracy, relevant hands-on learning opportunities and dynamic digital resources students want.  (edited from