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Looking At Grades

Parent Link

(This link will allow you to see your child's grade averages, grades on particular assignments/tests, and what assignments are missing.  A "Z" indicates the assignment was never turned in and that they received a zero.  An "X" means that they were exempt from the assignment/test and this won't count for or against them.  This could be due to an absence.)





Mrs. Frazier’s Classroom Expectations 


Classroom Procedures


Raise your hand to speak.  Use instructed hand signals to leave your seat.  Remain seated (until given permission).  Follow directions. 


Classroom Rules


Be Respectful - Be Responsible - Be Safe - Be Your Best




  • Planner Marks
    • T = Talking
    • NFD= Not following directions
    • DR= Disrespect
    • DC= Dress code
    • IW= Incomplete work in class
    • H= Homework not turned in when due


Behavior Log


  • Great Day “Dog Gone Good Day”-GREEN
  • Note in Planner “Warning”-YELLOW
  • Call Home/Parent Conference “Kennel Time”-ORANGE      
  • Call Home/Referral-“Dog House”-RED


Homework Policy


Homework will be given each night (Monday-Thursday), unless otherwise noted. It will be a continuation of what was covered in class. Please make sure that your child completes it daily.  Homework will be checked the following day.  If the homework is not complete, your child will receive a planner mark.


Your child will be responsible for writing his/her homework in the planner daily. 


*Please check the planner and sign it nightly, PLEASE do NOT sign ahead.