Thank you parents for all you do...It's an honor to be your child's teacher!



*We are a Peanut Free Classroom* 

-Please put snack in a seperate bag from lunchbox-



Mrs. Hagan

Welcome to Kindergarten


School begins 8:55-3:10pm


We do have lunch and recess, daily.

   **Please remember to pack a small snack, in a separate bag, which can be placed inside your child's lunch box.


Please have your child bring their blue folder to school everyday!





This week we will focus on...


Fundations: We are wrapping up Unit 3 where we have been practicing how to form captial and lowercase letters by writing them from top to bottom, matching captial letters to their lowercase, learn word families, break apart sounds in words, listen and identify rhyming words, and tap out CVC words. 


  *Lowercase letters learned: all learned up to this point

  *Working on Saying the Alphabet

   **Working on difference between a letter, word, sentence

      ***Working on Phonemic Awareness: words with similar beginning sounds, identifying all the sounds in words,     listening for beginning and ending sounds, and identify words that rhyme.


Reading Street: 


High-frequency words: one, two, three, four, five


Math: Continue exploring patterns in the number grid and how to write #0-20, count one object at a time, compare numbers, solve addition and subtraction stories, count by 1's-75, and find different ways to make numbers 3-9.


Life Skills:


  • Continue to practice writing First and Last name with using a capital letter at the beginning and the rest lowercase
  • Practice zipping jacket and tying shoes
  • Continue to practice effective social skills with our peers