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I am thinking of you all and miss seeing your faces everyday:) 


I hope you find the distance learning packets helpful!!! If you're looking for any additional practice, here are some ideas...

*Read everyday for 20 minutes

**Practice reading power words, everyday! 

     ( I have some fun activities on my website)

***Practice writing capital and their matching lowercase letters

****Play games, such as Jenga, Candyland, or just plain cards, to encourage life skills of taking turns, bigger and smaller numbers, one to one correspondence (moving one space counts as one number), how to cope with winning and loosing, waiting a turn, ect. 


I am here to support you in any way I can. Thank you for all you do!!!


*Fun Read Alouds

   ~LUNCH DOODLES with, our favorite author, MO WILLEMS. Tune in everyday at 1pm:)