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Power Words 


Power words/Sight Words are words that are intended to be recognized by sight and need to be memorized.  These words appear often when reading and should be read automatically because they cannot be sounded out.  It is important for young readers to instantly recognize these words (in 3 seconds) by sight in order to build up their reading fluency. There are so many fun ways to practice reading these words such as, scavenger hunts, rainbow writing, and writing the words using different tools such as, chalk, paint, or markers. 

*The sight words that are green are the ones we have learned so far.

Have fun and please practice these words, daily:)


Other games that help practice the words: 

Sight word bingo

Sight word Go Fish

Sight word SWAT 

(use bug swatters to 'spy' the word)

Sight word memory

Sight word Hopscotch



~ARC Power Words

(goal is to learn and master 60 by the end of kindergarten)


(10)          the, to, and, I , a, you, it, in, said, for

(10)               he, she, all, here, love, that, am, down, my, there

(10)               is, no, they, are, you, at, go, like, little, one

(10)         up, we, live, have, look, see, this, where



New Words of the week:


 live, with, an