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    Teaching does not begin and end with the bell schedule. Teachers must become part of the school family and community to truly make a difference. Building positive relationships with students and parents is crucial in earning respect that carries over into the classroom. It is those teachers who are able to motivate and inspire students to reach their ultimate dreams. 

  It is my job as an educator to keep up to date with proven researched based strategies  in the classroom. Students will be required to build on organizational skills and keep their daily planner up to date. Please ask your child to show you their planner on a daily basis to make sure they keep up with their school responsibilities. Homework will be available to view each day through the school website. It is vital for kids to practice skills at home to keep the material fresh and retain information for longer periods of time.
  I'm looking forward to helping each child achieve success in the classroom and become successful members of our society. Communication is a key factor and and the lines are always open.

                      Sincerely, Robert Taunton
                               5th Grade Science