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Mrs. Ledford's Kindergarten Class!
G. Weaver Hipps Elementary
Room #126



We utilize the Really Great Reading Phonics/Phonemic Awareness program.  We also use Ready Gen for Reading and Go Math.


We will review the letters of the alphabet and learn how to write them properly in the D'nealian form.  Your child will also learn how to write his/her first and last name in D'nealian form. Please utilize the D'nealian alphabet in your child's binder to assist in making practice perfect. :)


Your child has nightly homework in Reading (Read Alouds and their own reading), Writing and Go Math.  Each night you need to read to your child for 10 minutes. It is important for him/her to hear a fluent reader and he/she will benefit from vocabulary building. As your child becomes familiar with sight words and sounding out words, he or she should also read his/her book for 5 minutes.  Your child needs to also review sight words each evening.  Your child has Fry's First 100 Sight Words in his/her binder.  It is imperative your child have a 100 Sight Word vocabulary to start AR.  A new 5 word list is sent home weekly for practice.  This corresponds to the Fry List in your child's binder.   


We are also learning different genres of books such as animal fantasy, poems, and informational text.  Make sure to take a few minutes each night to have your child complete homework.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know, as I want to work with you as a team to facilitate your child's learning.   Homework packets are given on Monday and are to be returned the following Monday for review.


Special tip:  Check out the links on the side -->

For Compass Learning, your child needs his/he user name: initals and 5 digit code and his/her password: 8 digit ID


Starfall is a free website where your child can practice letter and letter sound identification, as well as beginning reading.  Please also allow your child to sign-in to Compass Learning at home, or at the public library.  The grey reading path has been made specifically for the needs of your child, when he/she signs-in and plays games, watches videos and practices skills learned.

   This is fun homework!  


Also, take time to engage in a conversation with your child each day about things he/she did and learned.  We have procedures and routines that have been set into place and that need to be discussed and practiced.  This also helps to remind your child of key skills we learned in class.

It is imperative that you read aloud to your child nightly.  Start with one picture book.  Then, two, or even three.  Include both fiction (make-believe) and non-fiction (informational) books, magazines, and articles.  Show your child how to hold the book, and show him/her that you read from left to right.  Point to (track) the words as you read them.  Then, ask your child to tell you the events of the story in order (sequencing).  You can also ask your child to assist you in telling what happended in the Beginning, Middle, and End of the story.  It might also be helpful to borrow some books on dvd from the East Lee County Library to assist your child.  Your child should be able to idenitfy characters in a book and the setting of the book.


BEHAVIOR is so important in Kindergarten.  Your child is learning to cooperate with others and work independently, as well as in groups.  During this time, it is normal to have a few mistakes and need reminders.  Please take the time to discuss appropriate behaviors with your child at home.  Your child needs to use his/her "words" first to let a peer know when he/she did or said something that was not nice.  If the behavior persists, then, your child should come to me.  Most of the time, you will find that your child has the tools to stop disturbances.  Check your child's binder/planner daily for any notes.  Be sure to have consistent consequences for both positive and negative behaviors at home.


 Happy Fall!


Please feel free to contact me at the school (239) 368-7042 with any questions, comments and concerns.  You may also contact me via email at (Be aware, however, that district email is public domain and no personal information should be transmitted this way.)  You may contact me via Class Dojo, or send me notes, as well.  


I'm here to facilitate your child's education.