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2021 Fernwood MS Softball

Google Classroom Code: d6kj5qz



Welcome to 7th Grade Science on Green Team! I hope you are excited as I am to dive into this brand new school year!


Course objective: To help students improve and excel in science as they work to master the concepts and skills of the Next Generation Science Standards through classroom/laboratory activities, readings, projects, and discussion.  Topics covered include water, the atmosphere, ecology, environmental science, and life science.


All Virtual Learning will take place through Google Classroom. Check your schedule and use the codes listed below to access your virtual classroom!


Homeroom for ALL Green Team Students - agzillu


Period 2 Adv. Science - wejixib


Period 3 Science - ​mlg233j


Mr. Zompa's Tutorial Day 1 - 6d2ipdg


Mr. Zompa's Tutorial Day 2 - 4bqwgf5


Period 5 Science - dde2b2y​


Period 6 Science - tdwxi7h


Good news! 7th Graders get e-mail accounts this year! Set up your account by going to Fernwood's main webpage, and clicking "Student Resources".


Be sure to collect your materials needed for class:

-3 Textbooks/Workbooks - "Water & the Atmosphere", "Ecology & the Environment", & "The Diversity of Life"

-Hurricane tracking packet

Pickup the above items at Fernwood from 9/8-9/11. Details can be found here: Resource Retrieval Letter.pdf 


Virtual Learning Expectations for Students.pdf


Online Textbok is currently unavailable, but check back for updates!



YOU are the only one who is responsible for YOUR grade!



Classroom Rules

  • Respect yourself & others.
  • Respect the classroom and lab.
  • Give your personal best! 110%
  • Be prepared & on time. To be successful everyday, please utilize the following:
    • Binder
    • Folder
    • Agenda book
    • Pencil


Grading Policy

    • Tests (including quarterly exam), Quizzes, Projects, & Labs – 70%
    • Homework, Classwork, and Responsibility - 30%


Questions? E-mail me!


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