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Mrs. Costas Physical Education Classes







1st Marking period:  Soccer, tennis, Project Adventure

2nd Marking period: Drivers Ed 

3rd Volleyball, Speedball, Pillo Pollo

4th Softball, Ultimte Frisbee, Swimming






  •    100% effort is required!!!  Changing everyday does NOT assure a passing grade.


  •     Participation is a MUST!


  •     Students must change everyday into clothes not worn to school, even if on a medical.


  •     T-shirt or sweat shirt (no tank tops)


  •     Shorts or sweat pants (no cut-offs)


  •     Sneakers (must have a back and regular heel – no thick heels)


  •     Be through the double doors before the late bell and report to your squad 5 minutes after   the late bell.


  •   Report to your squad on time. Sit up straight and wait for directions.


  •   Purchase a lock for your locker.


  •   Use your locker during your P.E. period only.


  •   Do NOT leave valuables on the locker room benches.  Lock them up!


  •   No eating, drinking or gum chewing.


  •   Remain in the gym or locker room until the passing bell.


  •   Bring an extra sweatshirt to class in case it’s cold outside. 





  •  One-day excuses can be from a parent or guardian. Excessive notes will require a Dr. note.


  •  Extended medical excuses must be from a Doctor and taken directly to the Nurse before school or during lunch period.


  •  Medical excuses do not excuse you from changing for P.E. Everyone is required to change.


  •  A student unable to participate must complete written assignments for participation credit.


  •  Medical notes must be received prior to the end of the marking period.
  • During the Swimming Unit girls will be allowed a seven day medical excuse.  They must complete written assignments for any day that they would have been in the pool.  
  • NOTE:  If a female has her period for more then seven days a docotrs note must be provided and given to the nurses during the swimming unit for it to be accepted.  






 Every student begins each marking period with 100 points.  Points are deducted in the areas of dress/participation, sportsmanship/attitude, and skill/knowledge.   





*** Remember the grading policy has been changed.  During the 1st MP a student can not get lower than a 50.  During the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th MPs a zero may be issued.