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                         My ABC's of Third Grade    


    Welcome to your Guide to a Successful year!


A  If your child is ABSENT, please call 609-645-3550 to let the main office know.  If you know that your child will be absent, please let me know as soon as possible. Assignments missed--- students will have a week to make up to concept taught. Students will receive the work missed on the date returned to class. ARRIVAL time for students is 9:15am. You must wait with them in the main office until the bell rings. Our school day ends at 3:30pm. Eccessive early pick-ups and absents will affect the learning process.


B If you would like to send a BIRTHDAY treat with your child on or near his/her birthday, please feel free to do so.  Please send in a note to inform me ahead of time so that I can make sure the time and date coordinate with our school schedule.

C The school will hold a formal parent/teacher CONFERENCE during school year. However, conferences can be scheduled as needed throughout the year. Watch for information and reply accordingly. COMUNICATION between home and school is ongoing and very important. If a conference is needed at any point in time throughout the year, it can be arranged via phone or in person. Feel free to contact me whenever you have a question or concern. You can reach me by email (, phone (609-645-3550 ext. 5018) or note. Please be sure that your child is wearing appropriate CLOTHING  for the weather and school each day.

DISCIPLINE is simple.  We work hard as a class to make the classroom a positive and safe place for all.  Our classroom rules revolve around the concept of C.H.O.I.C.E. students realize they have a choice in all that they accomplish in my classroom.  Here are the simple thoughts for C.H.O.I.C.E.:

C- Classroom tasks will be completed to the best of my abilities.

H- Hands, feet and other objects I will keep to myself.

O- Others and their property will be respected.

I- I will listen and follow directions.

C- Choose to stay on task and work quietly.

E- Entering and exiting the classroom will be done quietly.
DONATIONS are always needed and greatly appreciated: board games, gently used books and toys, tissues, hand sanitizer, pencils, erasers etc.

Please complete and return the EMERGENCY CONTACT FORM that you will receive at the beginning of the school year promptly.  If your home or work phone number changes, inform the office and me. 


F Information about FIELD TRIPS will come home in the Newsletter folder and will be detailed in the field trip permission slip.


G I have GREAT EXPECTATIONS for my students and I always encourage them to have high expectations for themselves as well.

H   HOMEWORK assignments will vary and will be sent home in the student's binder. You will gain more information about homework and guidelines when we meet during Back-to-School Night and in parent/teacher conferences. H.E.R.O. BINDERS: H.E.R.O stands for having everything ready and organized. The H.E.R.O. binder is 3-ring notebook that sutdents use everyday to help devlop organizational skills and responsibility. It will house a lot of important information to keep you up-to-date with what's going on in school. It is a link between home and school. Your child should bring their binder to school each day. Please check your child's binder regularly. 

I INDEPENDENCE, responsibility and organization are important goals for third graders.  Third graders are enthusiastic and excited to learn new things. They are self-reflective, aware of one another's differences and often have concerns about being accepted. They are able to take on larger tasks and more responsibilty. As we grow as learners we  will also work on these attributes in school and build a classroom enviroment that is based on comminity and cooperative learning.

J We have Journal writing every day. This is a time for reflection and a time to practice writing in an informal setting.  Writing, reading and spelling go hand in hand. Encourage your child to write at home.

K KEEP UPDATED by reading the classroom newsletter every week and checking your child's binder every day for other notes and information. Please feel free to email me when you have questions. KEEP READING, encourage your child to read as often as possible. Our American Reading Program will help keep students challenged and excited about reading. Parents please  promote good reading habits at home. 

L Our class will visit the LIBRARY on a rotating schedule.  I will send home library reminders. If your child forgets to return the book, they will not be allowed to check out a new book until it is returned.

If LUNCH money is sent to school, please send it in the binder in a sealed and labeled envelope/baggie. 

M We will be learning new and different methods when working with numbers and concepts in MATH. Parents please be patient and know that their are multiple ways to solve a problem. However, some of the methods your child will learn are extensive and different from the past. It is very important to allow them to work through the tasks they will be given with your postive support. The goal to help students gain a strong number sense rather than just solve a problem.  Knowing their math facts is the single most important skill a second grader can have; it will help with every other concept that is taught. If your new third grader does not know their addition and subtration math facts please continue to practice them at home.
MEDICINE must come with a doctor’s note and be administered by the school nurse.  

N A weekly NEWSLETTER will be sent home on Mondays to keep you informed about what is happening in our class.


O Book ORDERS from Scholastic News will go home Monthly. I will be sending home book club forms for you to purchase books at a reduced rate.  You do not have to order, but you could encourage your child to use their allowance – some books are only $0.95.  Do not send cash. Checks must be made out to the book club!



 P PTO – I encourage all of you to get involved!  Studies have shown that students whose parents are involved do the best in school!  You only have to give as much as you are able. PARENT PICK UP for Kids Klub will be located in the elementary school cafeteria.


Quiet work space - Please provide a quiet work space for your child. It is important that our students take the tools that they have been given in school and apply their learning at home with your support. Your child needs to know that their school materials are kept safe and away from younger siblings and that they have a designated space where they are able to concentrate on their studies.The year will fly by QUICKLY so we must work together as a team: parent, teacher and student, to make the most of it!


R REPORT CARDS will be sent home 3 times during the school year. We will discuss it in more detail during Back-to-School Night.

S SCIENCE/SOCIAL STUDIES – We will be covering many topics in science and Social Studies this year.  Our fous will be on STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. We will use hands-on learning approach to brainstorm, develop and create solutions to everyday problems. In Social Studies we will explore the relationship between people and places. Character education will also be discussed. Science and Social Studies are graded on the basis of active listening and participation.



TIf your child has any changes in their TRANSPORTATION please let me know in writing, by email, or by voice mail.We will have several different TESTs this year.  Please read your newsletter to keep informed as to what your child is being tested on.  Praise goes a long way!!!

and V VOLUNTEERS are people who are able to take an active role, working within our schools on thier own time not for compensaion but for the satisfaction of helping children recieve the most out of their learning experience. I hope that volunteer is U! 

W WE ARE A TEAM, please feel free to talk to me any time you have comments, concerns, or questions regarding your child.  You are the expert, and I am only blessed to be part of one year of your child’s life.  Please share any information that will help your child have a successful year!

X   EXit  and enter via the main school entry. You are expected to obatain and wear a visitor's pass visibly on your clothing. Please do not be offended if you are stoppped by a staff member and directed back to the main office if you do not have a pass. We are protective of your children and want you ensure their safety as well as our own.

Y YOUR ideas..and suggestions are welcome!


Z ZZZZ- Make sure that your child gets plenty of rest. Ten hours of sleep  and a good breakfast allows your child to function at their best in school. Setting and keeping a good bedtime and meal routine is a wonderful gift you can give your child