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Mrs. Thavisack’s Classroom Economy


  • Each weekly job pays - $7.50
  • Payday is Friday 
  • If you don’t do your job well you get paid only half your salary - $3.75


Other Income

  • You can earn $1 a day to keep for spending Monday-Thursday for turning in completed homework on time.
  • Special Ops Assignments- Special optional assignments are available weekly. However, they must be completed at home using your home computer and returned by the due date. Various tasks which may include writing, reading and/or printing out worksheets will be assigned and only viewable through my classroom website. Pay for Special Ops Assignments vary depending on the task.




Checks will be issued for:

  • G.P.A – Money can be earned as a reward option if a student completes their Goal, Plan and Action Incentive Chart.
  • Special Ops Assignments – See description above under “other income”
  • A check will be issued upon receipt of the special Ops Assignment or when G.P.A. award is won.
  • Checks can be cashed or deposited on exchange days only. Students may decide how to allocate that money (either savings, charity or keep for spending) 


Thavisack Bank

  • The Teacher will be the banker - holder of all accounts and in charge of money distribution
  • Each student will have a bank account
  • Each student will be issued a check book
  • Each student will be required to save a 1/3 of their paycheck, donate a 1/3 of their paycheck towards charity and keep 1/3 of their paycheck for spending.
  • Monthly bank statements will be sent home that will show what students earned
  • If you receive full pay ($7.50) at the end of the work week you will be giving $2.50 towards savings/charity/spending
  • If you only receive half pay ($3.75) at the end of the work week you will be giving $1.25 towards savings/charity/spending
  • Savings can only be withdrawn bi-monthly and used during our February, April and June class store days.


Account Management

  • Students will receive a cash salary at the end of each week
  • Students will deposit 2/3 of their pay which will go towards charity and savings using a deposit form.
  • Students will write a check at the beginning of each week and put it in the charity box.
  • Students will keep track of earnings



  • Students will donate 1/3 of their weekly salary to charity.
  • The banker (teacher) will donate $2 in real money for every $40 class dollars donated to charity.
  • At the end of each month, on class store day, the banker’s total real money collection in the charity box will be donated to a real local charity in our community.  


  • Students will get $1 or more deducted from their earnings for poor behavior
  • Students will get $1 deducted from their earnings for unexcused missed homework assignments