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Ms. Thavisack and Mrs. Sabella's

 3rd Grade Class




During Virtual School:

1. Get on your device and go to

google sign in


2. Sign in using your student email and password.

Follow the example below using all lowercase letters:

(login: last name, first initial, last 3 digits of ID#,

Password: initials, 123456)


Eample student:

John Smith ID#: 475839

John Smith's school email:

John Smith's password: js123456

google login


3. After you are logged on, Click the waffle at the top right corner of your screen to bring down the apps. (you see my waffle is next to the picture of the apple. Your student will have a different picture.)

5. Click on the green classroom app.

6. Click on my classroom 

7. Once in my classroom, click on the Meet link to enter into our live virtual learning classroom. Students should join us on our meet link at 9:15am. "Check the virual class schedule" tab. (As a student, you can only enter the google meet when a teacher is there. If you click on it outside of school hours it will say that you do not have access.)