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Week of September 29-October 2, 2020


Monday: School Closed




  • Week of Info

  • Metric Test and Lab scores

  • Chapter 1 Vocabulary- specific way to do- MUST BE DONE by hand and not on computer. Will not count if done on computer.

  Ch 1 Vocab List

 Ch 1 Vocab Sample

  • HW due Wednesday- Chapter 1 vocab defined- upload picture of work- must be done by hand and NOT on computer

  • Skittles? If you did not get, need Wednesday- email me if you need a bag. If you do not email me, I will assume you have them or will have by Wednesday




  • Hw due BEFORE class: Ch 1 Vocab

  • Skittles Lab-steps- Due Monday- not accepting late 

  • HW Due Friday: Complete WB pages 3-7:WB quiz Friday



  • Webquest- Scientific Method

  • HW due Friday: WB pages 3-7

  • Skittles Lab due Monday October 5th-  no late labs accepted


  • HW due- WB pages 3-7

  • WB Quiz

  • Webquest- Scientific Method due by end of class




Welcome to Blue Pod Science

Virtual for now!


Please check your portal for your scheudle but here is some helpful info.

If you have:


Science Period 1- your section name is DUKE                      

Google Classroom code is kbcwblc


Science Period 3- your class name is WAKE FOREST            

Google Classroom code is  wf7gkvx 



Science Period 4- your class name is RUTGERS

Google Classroom code is jw5g2hw


Science Period 5-Your class name is CLEMSON

Google Classroom code is  pbruvhh


Please go to your Science Google Classroom and make sure you have access. if you do not,

please email me at


Here is your daily schedule.

Attendance is mantdaory and attendance will be taken. 

Please also look at the Student Expectations posted on main page



Period 1


Period 2


Period 3


Period 4


Period 5


Period 6




SGI/Virtual Help


SGI/Virtual Help





School may not look the same this year but we will get through it together!

 Any questions on any assignment, please send me an email and we can set up a one-on-one Google Meet for extra help 




Supplies Needed  for both virtually and in-person                                                 

                    3-ring binder (For Science Only)                 

                    Lined paper                                                       

                    Covered textbook                                            

                   colored pencils                                               




 Team Motto


Good, better best

Never Let it Rest

'Til your good is better

And your bestter is best!




The Main Event


                This will be an exciting year for all of you. You will be required to put 

                your best effort into all that you do. Topics covered this year will



                    Introduction to Chemistry
     Properties of Matter

                    Chemical Reactions

                    Periodic Table


                    Sound and Light


            This year students in House 8B will build and launch his/her own rocket.


                                                  More Details to follow



Important Information      


                   Grading Scale                                                       Assignment Weights

                   A       100-90                                                         * Tests,Labs,Projects                   70%

                   B         80-89                                                         * HW/CW,Quizzes                     30%

                   C         70-79                                                        

                   D         60-69                                                          

                   F          59-0                                                                             


                   Supplies Needed                                                   Extra Credit

                    3-ring binder (For Science Only                  There will be several opportunities

                    Lined paper                                                       throughout the year to bring in

                    Covered textbook                                            household items to be used for experiments.

                   colored pencils                                                 I will give extra  credit couponsto those who bring items in.    

Homework -when in school

Check side board daily. If a student is absent, he/she must see each teacher for missed work and check absent folders.