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Welcome to Mr. Stevenson's  Webpage for Honors and Advanced English II


This page is updated daily with assignments, PowerPoints, assignment calendars, and other resources for parents and students. Please feel free to contact me at or (609) 653-0100 ext. 5401 if you have any concerns. Please note that I generally prefer email for communication.


Google Classroom Codes:

Period 2: zmi8bb

Period 6: ftqinwm

Period 7: zxqrzuu

Period 8: lt1ved

Period 3 (advanced): 93zi4o



PARCC Tutorial: 


Gaming Club Information

We are a casual club that provides a space for students and staff to meet up and play their favorite table top games. We do not do e-gaming. Bring your own favorite games and meet with your friends for fun and relaxation. We are also running tutorials and campaigns for Dungeons & Dragons every meeting session. 

We meet twice a month on Mondays from 2:10 to 5:30--see the schedule below.

Contact me if you have questions.


Gaming Club Meeting Dates


Oct 7 and 21


Nov 4 and 18


Dec 2 and 16


Jan 13 and 27


Feb. 10 and 24


March 9 and 23


April 6 and 20


May 4 and 18


June 1 and 15