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Read180 -Read180 uses scientifically based research to provide a program designed to produce quantifiable gains on standardized tests, as well as significant improvements in attitude toward reading and school.

Unit 1: Survivors


                   Comprehension: Main Idea and Details





Unit 2: Killer Plagues


                   Comprehension: Sequence of Events





Unit 3: Combat Zone


                   Comprehension: Story Elements





Unit 4: When Music Offends


                   Comprehension: Summarize



Unit 5: In the Money


                   Comprehension: Problem and Solution



Unit 6: Amigo Brothers


                   Comprehension: Story Elements



Unit 7: Your Brain Exposed


                   Comprehension: Cause and Effect





Unit 8: Crime, Punishment… and Teens


                   Comprehension: Compare and Contrast



Unit 9: The Front Lines of Justice


                   Comprehension: Make Inferences