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AP Calculus Problem of the Day



Honors Calculus - You can redo the Quizizz Review by entering
code 134907 into

Check your Test 2.5-3.2 Review Answers.pdf 


AP Calculus AB - watch this video before class tomorrow (1/23):



AP Calculus AB -  Period 2 Applications of Derivatives Test Review.pdf from class

                             -  Period 3 Applications of Derivatives Test Review.pdf from class


Here is  Additional Test Review.pdf.  Problems 1-7 model questions for Thursday's test.  Problems 8-13 model questions for Friday's test.  My work is here:  Additional Test Review Answers.pdf 

Please remember that I make mistakes.  Email me with any questions!

Also, I just added a deltamath assignment on Linear Approximation at the request of a student.  




AP Calculus AB - Here are instructions for joining my classes on DeltaMath if you have not yet!


Go to and click "Create Account" in the upper right corner.  When you select "Student", you'll be prompted to enter my teacher code: 114271.  Choose the appropriate period (Period 2 or 3) and fill in the other information.  Once you're logged in, you'll see an assignment called "AP Calculus AB 3.1-3.6 Practice".  There are a ridiculous amount of topics in the assignment, but you can pick and choose what you feel like you need practice with.  If you have any questions while working, please screen shot it and email me, as they're random and I won't be able to find a specific problem easily to explain. 




AP Calculus BC - Check your Chapter 9 Quiz Review.pdf 

Please email me with questions or errors!  



AP Calculus AB - Check your answers to the  Derivatives Analysis and Multiple Choice Quiz Review.pdf 

You know the drill, email me with questions or any errors you find! 



Period 5 Quizizz

Period 8 Quizizz 



Honors Calculus - Check your answers to our Quiz reviews below.  Remember that
there may be mistakes.  Please email me with questions!  


Also, I created an additional optional review assignment on Delta Math.   





AP Calculus AB  3.9 Day 1 Homework.pdf 



AP Calculus AB - Quiz on Motion, Implicit Differentiation and Related Rates
on Friday, 11/22

   Check your review answers:   Motion Implicit Differentiation and Related Rates.pdf 

   Remember that I do make mistakes!  Please email me with any questions!  

   ... Speaking of mistakes, thank you to Gabi, Alec and Anjyl for helping catch a few.  I've
   updated the file, but you never know, there may be more!  




Honors Calculus - Quiz 2.1-2.3 on Wednesday, 11/20

    Answers to the review:   2.1-2.3 Quiz Review.pdf 




AP Calculus AB - Chapter 2 Test on 11/4
Chapter 2 Test Review.pdf
Chapter 2 Test Review Answers.pdf

I've added some extra practice questions on your AP Classroom.  The assignment is
titled "AP Calculus AB Chapter 2 Test Practice".  The alignment to the questions on our
test isn't perfect, but they will give you some good derivative practice.  Please email me
with any questions!  




AP Calculus BC - Advanced Integration Quiz on 10/31
Advanced Integration Review Stations.pdf

Advanced Integration Review Stations Answers.pdf


The answers have not been verified and may contain errors.  Please email me if 
you find any, or with questions!  
* There are errors in #4!  The correct values are A = 1 and B = -2




AP Calculus AB students have the opportunity to sign up for Dual Credit through
Stockton University.  Please see the application instructions here.  It is a fantastic
opportunity to earn transferrable college credit at a discount, and the course is free
to students on the Free/Reduced lunch program, through a tuition waiver.  




Honors Calculus Chapter 1 Test Review.pdf  Answers

    This file might be slightly different than was presented in class.  

    Also, remember to study the limit questions involving radicals and fractions within fractions!!  




AP Calculus AB - Here is the file we used for review today:   Quiz Review 2.1-2.4 5.4.pdf

                        And the answers:  AP Calculus AB Quiz 2.1-2.4 & 5.4 Review Answers.pdf


For additional review, try any of these suggested problems. 

      Pages 158-160 #1, 9, 11a, 15-29 odd, 41-57 odd, 61-65 odd, 69-83 odd, 83


Use to see the work associated with each problem.  Email me with any questions!  




Honors Calculus  




Honors Calculus  Chapter 1 Quiz Topics and Suggested Review Problems.pdf 




Honors Calculus:   Graphical and Analytical Limits Quiz Review Answers.pdf 
     * There are at least two errors in my answer key!!  Sorry!!  In #1, There should be a 3,

        not a 1/3.  In #10 - I forgot the negative!!  



AP Calculus BC  Chapter 1-4 Quiz Part 2 Topics.pdf 

  For practice of some of these topics, I set up a Delta Math assignment.  You'll have to

  log on   to Delta Math, enter teacher code 114271, and join the Period 1 AP Calculus BC


  A couple things to note that aren't specifically reviewed:

  • You'll need to use your graphing calcuator to find the intersection between two functions
    as well as how to evaluate a definite integral with the graphing calculator.  I will have calculators
    available and will review this at the start of class if necessary.  
  • Make sure you review the "advanced limits" worksheet that we did on September 16th




AP Calculus BC Chapter 1-4 Quiz Part 1 Topics.pdf 

   I set up a review assignment on AP Classroom which covers a lot of these topics. 
   If you have difficulty accessing it, or have questions about it, please email me!  




AP Calculus AB Test Review


 It is also a good idea to review all notes/examples and homework assignments from Chapter 1,
as not every type of question could be included in the Quizziz review.  In particular, make sure
you know how to justify the existence of a value using the IVT, and make sure you know how to
sketch a graph a graph based on given limits and function values (like page 56 #31-32).  



AP Calculus AB Quizziz Links:

Period 2     Period 3


AP Calculus AB

Chapter 1 Quiz Review Answers.pdf (pages 91-92)

Optional Limits Practice.pdf
Optional Limits Practice Answers.pdf



Honors Calculus Optional Chapter P Test Review Answers.pdf 



Honors Calculus - Check your Chapter P Quiz Review Answers.pdf !



AP Calculus AB - Khan Academy has videos proving the special trig limits we learned
about in class.  Check them out here and here!  











Honors Calculus:  Basic Graphs.jpg and Basic Graphs Answers.jpg























Calculus Textbook