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Mr. Thomas Spengler
Teacher of 8th Grade Social Studies
Fernwood Middle School
4034 Fernwood Ave.
EHT, NJ  08234




We will be concentrating on American history and civics.  Students should discover how our government today has been shaped by the history of our past.  Of course, it is desired for all to realize that learning of our past should help us to live better in the present, and to plan for a better future.



Each day students should have in class:

  1. Textbook
  2. Pencil or pen
  3. Notebook with paper
  4. Folder
  5. Agenda



Homework assignments should be completed neatly and turned in on time.  Late assignment due to absences should be made up the work.  For example, being absent for 3 days, you have 3 days to make up work from when you return.  Homework may consist of reading, answering questions, completing worksheets, researching, or finding current events to share with the class.  A significant amount of work will be from our text.  Work from each chapter should be kept until the chapter test.  Students will, at times, be able to utilize their chapter work to help them on their chapter tests.



It is my desire for students to strive for knowledge and understanding.  A necessary part of education at this level is grades.  Grades will be calculated from test and project scores, and homework average.



I welcome communication with parents.  Notes form home can be given to me by students.  Phone calls can be placed to me by calling 383-3355, ext. 5585.  E-mail is perhaps the easiest and most efficient way to communicate.  I can be reached at