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Welcome to Mastery Club!


This is a club for all of Swift Elementary School's 3rd grade students intersted in going above and beyond the classroom learning expectations.  Many thanks to Mrs. Renz for sharing her club website with teachers and students all over the world!


To join, you choose any question from the Mastery Club list and search out the answers when you have time.  The website page even gives you links to click on to help you search for answers.  When you have found, or drawn the answers, you need to sign up to show, or recite you answers to Mrs. Sooy.  The sign up sheet will be on the stage in the cafeteria.  All answers must be memorized.  You may create notes to study from, but may not use them when you recite your learning to Mrs. Sooy.  Mrs. Sooy will check your answers and let you know if you pass the Mastery Club Challenge Question or not.  If you do not, you can try again the next day or soon after, just sign up again.  


Completing ten Mastery Club Questions successfully will earn you a spot in our Hall of Fame.