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The WordMasters Challenge is a nation-wide vocabulary competition based on completing analogies. Meets are held right at Swift School three times per year.  There's also a link for the copy of your schedule. 


We'll meet each week to learn how to understand analogies and also help you learn your words.  But the students who do best on the challenges are the ones who also practice at home.  Please take some time  to practice.  You'll be glad you did!!


Round 1 words

1.  ewe                     9.  dreary              17.  daze                  25.  labor

2.  brilliant              10.  emerald           18.  inferior

3.  squeal                 11.  astound            19.  misery

4.  delight                12.  wary                20.  jolt

5.  flavor                  13.  gleam              21.  mediocre

6.  anxious                14.  decrease         22.  relief

7.  leisure                 15.  homely            23.  badger

8.  whimper               16.  mare               24.  intense






Other websites for practicing analogies: