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Virtual Learning Expectations for Students


Virtual Learning Environment 


  1. Set up your virtual learning space 

    1. Find a quiet space to attend your synchronous -”live” class.

    2. Mic on (mute when not talking to avoid feedback).

    3. Camera on (use a virtual background if available).

    4. Be fully dressed and in a quiet, public space in your home (laying on your bed or couch is not acceptable during live instruction).

    5. Be prepared to engage in the lesson. Do not log on and off.

    6. Pay attention to class and not be involved in non-school related activity or conversation.

    7. When the camera is on avoid distracting movements or actions in the camera. (Avoid bringing your pet or other objects into the camera view.)

    8. Check that you have adequate lighting and that you are visible on the camera.

    9. Consider putting a live sign on your door so that family members know that you are actively engaged in a class.


Student Attendance


  1. Students are expected to follow the daily schedule whether they are in-school or receiving virtual instruction for the day.

  2. Students who are 100% virtual learners or who are hybrid students participating in their virtual learning day should follow their daily school schedule and complete all assignments, including viewing videos, completing practice activities, or other work as assigned by the classroom teacher. 

  3. Students should be actively engaged with their course work during the asynchronous - “on-demand” instruction day on Monday. 

  4. Students should follow their schedule and be prepared to attend their synchronous - “live” classes Tuesday - Friday. Cameras and Mics should be active and functioning during the class (mute your mic unless the teacher requests you to unmute to avoid feedback).

  5. Students who do not report for a live class will be considered absent from the class.

  6. If three or more live classes are missed the student will be considered absent for the day. 

  7. Parents of any students who are not able to follow the live instruction schedule should contact their building administration to discuss their extenuating circumstance.