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Classroom Procedures 


Mrs. Nancy  Bickel- Portnoy

Dance Teacher / Director

Egg Harbor Twp. High School

A New Jersey Model School of Arts Education

Studio B-103 609-653-0100 ext. 2664

Voice mail ext. 1695


                                                               Syllabus 2018 ~ 2019


Dance –Advanced (CP)   5 credits

Grades 10-11-12


Intro to Dance and /or Successful Audition

The audition consists of a ballet combination, double pirouette, a jazz combination and tap combination (time steps).


   Course Description:


Skill, technique and choreography are the focus of this course. Jazz, tap ballet, modern, musical theater dances for stage and film will be explored. The history of dance and famous choreographers will also be a taught in this course. Students will be featured in a dance performance concert.


This Dance education program includes opportunities for the development of:

  • Critical thinking and analytical skills;
  • Aesthetic perception;
  • Kinesthetic sense;
  • Creative expression;
  • Choreography; and
  • Dance criticism.
  • Cooperation and teamwork;
  • Self-expression and self-esteem;
  • Organization and problem solving;
  • Cultural literacy; and
  • Communicating emotions through movement.  
  • Solo artistry



 Grading for this class will be as follows;


  • 70% - Assessments
    • Performance Evaluations
    • Presentations
    • Written Quizzes
    • Written Tests


  • 30% - Assignments
    • Attendance of Concerts, Recitals, Exhibitions, etc.
    • Attendance of Mandatory Rehearsals
    • Formative Assessments
    • Class Work
    • Home Work and Daily Journal



   Students must participate every day. Ballet Shoes, Jazz shoes and dance sneakers are acceptable for class. Students are to wear dance clothing or sweats for class.


Advanced Dance Class Rules

  1. Be prompt and prepared. You must be in the studio by the time the bell rings.  You will have 5 minutes to change warm up- music starts you must go to your place on the dance floor and begin.
  2. Be courteous. Respect others and their opinions just as you would like to be respected. Disrespect towards teacher/ fellow student or poor sportsmanship =loss of daily participation pts.
  3. No talking at inappropriate times (during class instruction, etc.)
  4. Obey all school policies.
  5. Always be prepared - dance shoes or sneakers pen, pencil, homework, journal, folder and notebook.
  6. NO passes will be given during the first or last five minutes of class. You MUST have your ID Emergencies only.
  7. Lateness to class will only be tolerated if a pass is given to me from another teacher.
  8. No cell phone use unless directed by Mrs. Portnoy. Cell Phone handbook policy posted and enforced.
  9. (Water Bottles encouraged)   


 Mandatory Rehearsals and Performance Dates  T.B.A.



Sincerely for Dance in our Schools,                        

Mrs. Nancy Portnoy/ Dance Director  



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