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A Letter from the Art Teacher




Dear Parents & Guardians,


Welcome to art class!! This is a very exciting experience for them, as I am just as excited to get to know them and give them their first experiences with all things art. Yes! There will be days where we will be using messy art supplies in art class this year. Paints and pastels, for example. Let’s face it, the messier the art supply, the more fun the art making. (Just like the messier the food, the tastier.) As a precaution, the best advice I would like to offer is to simply be mindful of your child’s art day. Just like your child wears sneakers for gym, I would advise not to put your child in their favorite, white or brand-new clothes on their art day. Better yet, send your child in with an old t-shirt for him or her to keep in their classroom’s cubby that they could throw on over their clothes for art class. These two options are more time savvy and hygienic compared to using our precious art time to ensure each student is fastened in an apron.


Thank you, and looking forward to a great year!



Mrs. Casey Pfaeffli (fef-flee)