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Mrs. Pfaeffli and students 

Hi, I'm Mrs. Pfaeffli (pronounced fef-flee) and I teach art to 2nd and 3rd Grade and adaptive art to 2nd and 3rd Grade Multiple Disabled students at two of the Egg Harbor Township Schools in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. A place I like to call, "Little Big Town." My art lessons revolve around the Egg Harbor Township Art Curriculum, and stem from a combination of: cultures from around the world, famous artists, fun art techniques, art in everyday life, science, math and allowing the kids to discover the uses of art tools and mediums.

This is my 11th year teaching art, and my 10th year in EHT. I am also a proud alumni of Egg Harbor Township Schools K - 12. I feel lucky to be an art teacher in EHT! I received my BA in fine arts from Stockton University. Then I received my Post Baccalaureate degree in Teacher Education from Stockton as well.

Why I love my Job!
Every time I come up with a new art project, I think to myself, "Man, I have a fun job!" The next best part is when my students get to interpret the main idea, apply and CREATE! There's nothing better than to not only view child artwork, but to witness it and be in the experience with them. It is simply awesome in the true sense of the word. I am so grateful to be the springboard for their creations, see their reactions to demonstrations, and watch them experience an art medium for the first time. 


My Favorite Types of Art

I could never pick just one! Aside from creating art lessons, when I get free time, I love getting into DIY projects- from tools to paint. I'll buy furniture from yard sales, pick up other people's "trash," not knowing what I'm going to do with it, yet it screams potential. Then I get an idea and say ooh, I have the best thing for that! The summer is the best time to play around with that kinda stuff. 

I'm big into card-making! I hardly ever buy cards at the store. There's just something about making a personal, hand-made card for people.

I like painting (oil & acrlyic), but it's not my go-to favorite thing. I feel I have to have the time and a reason for a painting.


I love mosaicing! ...another use for wooden yard sale items. Once I found my neighbor throwing out broken blue & white porcelain, which was perfect for a mosaic project. One of my favorite pieces to use are plates and vases, but they're the hardest to come across. Mosaic can be very expensive if you have to buy the glass.


Printmaking- Oh the possibilities! They literally are endless, and I always love finding new ways to try new techniques with the kids.

My Family
I love my family! I am married to my funny, energetic, and innovative husband, John. He is the most optimistic person I know! He watches over the mail carriers and clerks at the Post Office, he's a really good chef, great father and is always getting into a project around the house.  


We have a son, Ryder- 7. He loves legos, art, video games, and the ocean. He is constantly learning new things and surprises us everyday.


We have a daughter, Maxeen- 4. She is a very happy girl who loves to sing, dance, tell stories and all things pink!

We also have a Black Lab, Nesta. She loves walks and any attention you have to offer! The best is when we can take her on vacation with us! 
  My familyNesta the DogMrs. Pfaeffli and her children