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Welcome to Mrs Pettit's GT Class!



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 In the event of an emergency school closing, please have your GT student complete the following Word Masters activity, which can also be found on our Pettit GT Google Classroom page.


Click on assignment:  List 2 2020.pdf 


GT Students, continue to check our Google Classroom page for another assignment by Monday, March 23rd!  :)


Any questions, concerns, etc, please email me, I will be checking daily :)







Carton to Garden



         The GT students at Davenport are embarking on a Project Based Learning unit while assisting the preschool classes in creating a garden using repurposed and recycled materials. The project is entitled ‘Grow Your Awareness’ and will be representing Autism Awareness.  We  could help win a grant for the school through Carton2Garden (


         So far, the GT students have been designing an autism themed structure to be made with empty milk cartons and other recycled materials.  Within the next week, the students will begin constructing these ribbon and puzzle piece structures in preparation for the preschool classes to plant within them.

         Students have been putting milk cartons together in the shape of puzzle pieces and autism ribbons in order to plant seeds and watch our garden grow.  Stay tuned!




Mythology: A Living Museum

We have begun our unit on Mythology, with our culminating activity being a living museum.  Your child has a character (god/goddess) that they will research, get to know and become for our museum. Research has begun!


Mr. Donn's Greek Mythology


Duckster's Greek Mythology


Greek Myths for Kids






 Medieval Times


 Students have earned their way out of Peasantry by sewing buttons & tears, and by researching a medieval guild




Students are currently Squires, earning their way to Knighthood by creating personal Coats of Arms




Students have learned about Castles and their Keeps, created one, and are working on constructing catapults & trebuchets so we can battle!


The battles went well, and although there was damage, no one's castle fell completely! What a great end to our Medieval Times unit.





We started the year off with a getting to know you Escape Room..


Davenport's GT students worked in teams and were required to solve codes in Braille, mathematics and Scytale in order to figure out clues and ultimately conquer Mrs. Pettit's Escape Room.  This Escape Room utilized problem solving, critical thinking and student advocacy as well as skills in Google technology, all while getting to know each other with a bit of fun!








STEAM Challenges: Building with paper

Using the Design Process to build structures with paper that will hold weight