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    Welcome, I'm Mrs. Kim Pettit, the teacher for the Gifted and Talented Program at Davenport Elementary School.  I am delighted to guide your child in discovering new and exciting adventures this year.  We will be utilizing problem solving and critical thinking skills as well as using creativity, incorporating technology and the design process in the projects we will be researching and creating.  The students will be able to venture into topics and projects based on their individual interests and choices as well as planned curriculum throughout the year.


I will be teaching the Primary Education Program (PEP) for our First and Second grade students as well.  First and Second grade students will participate in whole group activities that will use various types of thinking such as deductive, inventive, creative, analytical and evaluative, as well as visual/spatial reasoning.  Students who excel at the whole group activities will qualify for small group PEP activities which will focus on those thinking skills.  There are two pull out sessions, one in Fall and one in Spring. 


Please feel free to contact me at

or 645-3550 x 5415




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Password: initials123456


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   **In the event of an emergency school closing, please have your GT student complete the following Word Masters activity which can also be found on our Pettit GT Google Classroom page. Mrs. Pettit's Google Classroom code is wmcoa7


       Click on assignment:  List 2 2020.pdf 


   GT Students can also practice their STREAM Night speeches for video taping upon our return, and continue to check our Google Classroom page for another assignment on Monday, March 23rd!  :)


    Any questions, concerns, etc, please email me, I will be checking daily :)