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Welcome to Ms. Pancoast’s

Social Studies Class




Welcome to Social Studies class!!


This year in Social Studies we will be studying United States History. 


The curriculum link below will outline the specific topics to be discussed this year.


If you have any questions or concerns throughout the year, please feel free to contact me.  My email address is


 To access the online textbook log onto

All students have the same user name and password.

User name:  purpleteam2017

Password:  Fernwood1



Social Studies Curriculum



Throughout the year we will focus on United States History.


Below is a list of subjects we will be covering during the year.


 Unit One- Beginnings of American History

 Roots of American People

 Europe Looks Outward

 Colonies Take Root

 Life in the Colonies


 Unit Two – Forming a New Nation

 The Road to Revolution

 The American Revolution

 Creating the Constitution


 Unit Three – The New Republic

 Launching a new Nation

 The Era of Thomas Jefferson

 A Changing Nation


 Unit Four – The Nation Expands and Changes

 North and South Take Different Paths

 An Age of Reform

 Westward Expansion


  Unit Five                    

  The Nation Divided

  The Civil War

  Reconstruction and the New South


 Current Events and the Presidential Election