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 Above you will see last year's class!  We had a great time learning together!





We are having a great time in first grade!

Each day we have a lot of fun learning to spell, write and read!  

 We are also learning to add, subtract, and count to 120!






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Mrs. Newhall



Our Specials Schedule

Monday- Library

Tuesday- Music

 Wednesday- Computer Lab

Thursday- Physical Education and Art

Friday- Physical Education





Grading System


E=Excels at Grade Level Standard for Trimester


M= Meeting Grade Level Standard for Trimester


P= Progressing Toward Grade Level Standard for Trimester


N= Needs Improvement

(making minimal progress and at risk of not meeting grade level standard)




Report Card Dates

December 15th

March 22nd    

June 16th




Parent Conferences

Tuesday & Thursday, December 8th & 10th (6-8pm)

Wednesday & Friday, December 9th & 11th (2-3:45pm)