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I'm so excited for our year together!!

Each day we have a lot of fun learning to spell, write and read!  

 We are also learning to add, subtract, and count to 100!


Here is a video of all of the kindergarten teachers saying hello!




 Our Google Classroom code is:  



Or you can visit the link below to access it:


Below is a video to help you get your child all set up with their google account and google classroom.




Welcome To Kindergarten!


We are so excited to be your kindergarten teachers for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year.  Even though we will not be together in the classroom to start our year, we are just as excited to meet you virtually on Tuesday, September 8th.  We are going to do so many FUN things together as we learn about reading, writing, math, science, social studies and so much more! We hope you all had a fabulous summer.   We can’t wait to hear all about it!


Below you will find directions for logging into your google account and classroom.  Please log in at 9:15AM each day.  We are available and happy to assist you if you need any help whatsoever, just reach out to us via email. 


Mrs. Cortellessa

Mrs. Laut

Mrs. Lee

Ms. Mortara

Mrs. Newhall

Mrs. Sepulveda


We are looking forward to meeting you all soon!!




White  Board 

(can be purchased from Dollar Store)

  • Fat Pencils 

       (Ticonderoga are best)

  • Crayons

      (Crayola are best)

  • Dry Erase Marker(s)

  • Highlighter

  • Scissors and Glue

  • Clear Plastic Page Protector

  • Magnetic Alphabet Letters 

(sometimes found at the dollar store)


The items below will be in your packet to be picked up next week.

  • Journal 

  • Math Book

  • Letter, number, and word Cards

  • Nameplate 

  • Laminated Writing Paper

  • Any work packets


*Please be patient and flexible.

 Items will be added as we proceed through the lessons.  





Please Be well!

Try your best!






Click below to email


Mrs. Newhall's Email:




text or  call Mrs. Newhall at 609-385-3725





This site is great for independent reading (reading logs)


Scholastic Learn at Home

 Scholastic has created a free home instruction site. 

Click the link above to find out more about it!

This is another good reading site.


A great site that provide personalized

reading instruction at your child's level

 Starfall has lots of great activities for kindergarteners. 

Lots of blending and sounding activities are found here.

Starfall ABCs

Starfall Word Machines 

Brainpop Jr has lots of fun activities

and videos on all subjects!

Tons of activities that are specific to kindergarten

High Frequency Word Games


Fun Science 

a question for every day


Fun learning about history