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We are proud to celebrate who we are and where we are from!


We were excited to learn about what a New Year's Resolution is and write about our own resolutions!



We couldn't wait to write a special message to our friends!




After reading "Being Bilingual", we came up with reasons why being bilingual is amazing. Some reasons were that  we can learn about two cultures and help our friends learn another langauge.

We had guest reader, Michele D'Arcangelo, come read to Ms. Whoy and Mrs. Hampton's classes! She also taught us all about her exciting job as a flight nurse. Thank you so much for your visit!

We're so lucky to be at Davenport!

We're ready for the Boosterthon!!



Mrs. Angelucci pulled a big prank on our 3rd grade group! We had to complete a word search that had no words in it!! April Fool's!!!!


We are "growing" into amazing English language learners!

We completed a spring craft using adjectives to describe ourselves.