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We are excited to see what this year brings with our amazing classroom family!!


We are proud of who we are and where we come from!


Happy Halloween from our spooktacular class!


We got to try some apple pie and pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. Pumpkin pie was the big winner!


Third grade learned all about the different type of clouds and what each cloud means in terms of weather. The students then created cirrus, cumulus, stratus, and nimbus clouds out of cottonballs. Fingers crossed for the stratus cloud to bring us a snow day!

Happy New Year!! We learned all about New Year's Resolutions and decided to make some of our own! Some students wanted to help out more around the house and others wanted to focus on becoming a better reader or writer.


Students from Mrs. Angelucci and Mrs. Mullen's classes wrote Valentine Day cards to members of the US Navy overseas. We were so excited when they received their letters!


Ahhh!! Our 3rd graders have some big plans if they were ever to find a pot of gold!


Lots of fun for "Read Across America" week!! We wore green for "Green Eggs & Ham" Day, we celebrated "Wacky Wednesday", and then dressed as our favorite storybook characters!