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~Be on time!
~Changing is required every day, and yes also on half days!
~NO eating, drinking or GUM!
~Lock up your stuff! (Can use locker during your gym period only)
~Be positive!!!

Medical excuses...

~One-day excuses can be from a parent or guardian.
~Extended medical excuses must come from a doctor, and are to be given to the nurse.
~If on a medical, you are still required to change unless it states otherwise.
~You will be required to complete written assignments.
~Medical excuses must be received before the end of the marking period.


~Every student begins each marking period with 100 points.
~Points can be deducted in the areas of dress/participation, sportsmanship/attitude and skill/knowledge.
~There will be written assessments on all activities.
~A quarterly exam will be given each marking period.
~Being unprepared for class is a 6 point deduction.
~Lack of participation is a 5 point deduction.
~Negative attitude is a 5 point deduction.
~Wearing jewelry is a 5 point deduction.
~Chewing gum is a 2 point deduction.
~During the 1st marking period, a student can receive no lower than a 50, during the 2nd, 3rd and 4th a 0 can be issued.

Contact Information...

(609)653-0100 ext. 1668

" We do not quit playing because we grow old...
 we grow old because we quit playing."

- Anonymous