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Welcome to Ms. McLaughlin's 8th Grade English Webpage! I anticipate a successful school year for 2019-2020.






Emergency School Closing Instructional Plan

Analyzing Text PDF:
Central Ideas & Summaries PDF:


Moby Max Directions




-LOGIN: Username = ID # Password = ID #


-Please complete the assigned lessons on Moby Max using the instructions below by signing into your school account.

Moby Max Assignments



Moby Max - Choose Analyzing Text

Complete lessons:

-Identify Implicit and Explicit Information

-Cite Textual Evidence to Support a Claim

-Identify Weak Evidence

-Evaluate Sources

-Choose Strongest Evidence

-Evaluate Credibility of Sources


Moby Max - Choose Central Ideas and Summaries

Complete lessons: 

-Determine Main Idea

-Determine Central Idea

-Paraphrase Central Ideas

-Use a Variety of Transition Words

-Write an Objective Summary



Please view the links I have posted on the Main Menu to assist with literacy in every class as well as to maintain the standards set by all Gold Team teachers.


Required supplies:

                             3 ring binder 1.5-2 inches


                        three dividers


                        loose-leaf paper with three holes


                        pencils, pens (no purple), highlighters,


                         erasers, post it notes




Recommended: Flash drive or zip drive



I can be reached at the following email address:


or by phone at:

609-383-3355 extension 2580







Hello Students!! 


In the past, I have done an end of the year assignment that students have loved. However, when I came to EHT I stopped because I had so many students, and it became costly to complete this “FUN” assignment. If you are interested in participating, please bring a self-addressed stamped envelope (Forever stamp), or bring in $ .47 and I will purchase the stamps. Once you buy a forever stamp, it truly lasts forever. Therefore, when you receive your assignment back via the USPS, it will have been paid for ten years earlier!! 



All the best, 

Ms. McLaughlin