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MR. John J. McCole


LRC Physical Science

CP Physical Science With Ms. Kayla Moody

LRC Oceanography


Personal Info:  Special Education Teacher for 25 years

                           Started in Camden for 8 years (Elementary, Middle and                                                                                        High School)

                           At Oakcrest for 2 years  (Science and Mathematic)

                           Now at EHT for 15 years ( Biology, Core Science,                                           Physical Science, Physics and Chem.)


   Native of Philadelphia, graduated Archbishop Ryan for high school,

             my undergard is from St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, Grad school is St. Charles, Rowan,                and Temple University.

   Currently live in Toms River, NJ with my wife.

   Past class advisor of the Class of 2010 and Class of 2014.


General Rules for every class


      3 P's    Prompt - student on to be on time to class,  on time with assignments,  and not abuse                                           pass privileage

             Prepared - have pencil or pen,  a folder,  and out of class assignments

                  Polite - respectful to all, pupil to staff, staff to pupil, pupil to pupil.  Also, hands and feet                                     to yourself at all times. 



How class will address Phones?


  1. Class will follow school policy (no phone calls, face timing, videoing, pictures, etc.
  2. I allow phones to be used during down time, or researching a subject (I WILL TELL YOU IT IS OK TO USE PHONES) –Play games, check messages, listen school appropriate videos and music.
  3. During instruction, that means student / teacher discussion and instruction and that include watching audio visuals, NO PHONE USE!
  4. Failure to follow said rule will result in
    1. 1st time warning with write up.
    2. 2nd time removal of phone from your area and put in bin until the end of class with write up.
    3. 3rd time removal of phone and sent to VP with write up. Parent or guardian will have to pick it up. Refusal security will be called.