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Google Classroom & Assignments/Assessment/Notes~ We are lucky enough to now be a one-to-one school, with every student scheduled to receive a chromebook within the first month of school. Class assignments, homework, and assessments will be a given in a variety of ways; using both paper/pencil and online forms. Please use your Google Classroom as a companion to class. All notes taken in class will be posted regularly on our classroom, so you can follow along or look to see what you may have missed if you are absent.



Checklist/Agenda~ Each week you will have a weekly checklist that will contain an overview of the week's topics as well as any upcoming assessments. Please note this may change based on our class progress.


Big Ideas Math Textbook~ This year we are using an updated version of our current textbook. We will be setting up accounts during class. All chapters will be saved and posted as a PDF once school begins.