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Welcome to Math Class!

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Supply List

Fernwood Avenue Middle School

7th Grade Math 2018-2019


Having the right supplies helps a student do well in class and stay organized.  This list of supplies shows what you must bring with you every day to class in order to be prepared to learn. It applies to all Silver, Green, and Purple team students at Fernwood.



  • Pencils

    • If you use regular pencils, get a sharpener.

    • If you use mechanical pencils, get extra lead.

  • Erasers

  • 1 ½  inch three ring binder with pockets inside the front and back cover. We recommend the ones with rubber bindings and edges (see picture to the right).  If you cannot get a binder, please get a sturdy, plastic 2 pocket folder.

  • A set of eight tabbed inserts for your binder.

  • Lined loose-leaf paper with 3 hole punches

    • Maximum 25 sheets in your binder at a timeImage result for ti-34 multiview calculator



  • Zippered pencil pouch with three holes to keep in binder

  • Coloring utensils - crayons or colored pencils

  • Highlighters (set of 5)

  • Scientific Calculator TI-34. We have a classroom set, but if you have your own, you can use it for homework. Any color is fine, and they are about $20 on Amazon.

  • Headphones/Earbuds


If you would like to contribute to the classroom, the following items are always helpful for students, and greatly appreciated:

  • Box of tissues

  • Clorox wipes

  • Hand sanitizer



Please visit the individual classes on the right "Math 7" or "Pre-Algebra" for homework, assessments, and upcoming events!


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Need to know Topics (NTK's)

Fraction Operations (+, -, x, ./.)

Decimal Operations (+, -, x, ./.)

Equivalent Fractions

Solving Simple Equations (1-step)