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Welcome to Virtual Learning!

**Please join the Green Team Google Classroom in addition to mine!**

CODE: agzillu


*Green Team Schedule* (Must be logged into EHT Account to access)


Here is a quick list of materials that may help you at home and in the classroom for hybrid learning. I will leave an older version of the 7th grade math list below for future reference.

  • Virtual: Paper, pencils, pen, whiteboard, whiteboard marker & eraser, stylus pen
  • Hybrid: Paper, pencils, pen, whiteboard, whiteboard marker & eraser, stylus pen, scissors, crayons/colored pencils, scissors, scrap paper, binder, notebooks, headphones/earbuds, BYOD, calculator (refer below)



Assignments~ Refer to your Google Classroom for the FULL weekly explanation; including the "Checklist", due dates, and other needed materials. Each "Assignment" will count as a COMPLETION or CORRECTNESS grade; and will be located in the "CLASSWORK" section, organized by Weekly "TOPICS".


Google Classroom~ Click to receive your CODE to join your classes Google Classroom (*You must be logged in with your EHT Account to access this information!*). Everything you'll need for learning will be posted on the STREAM with directions on how and where to find the needed material including assignments, weekly wakelet, and checklist. To Turn-In/Submit/Mark as Done an assignment; please use Google Classroom to do so. You MUST do this so I can grade it! You can also find your "missing" or "returned" assignments under "Classwork". I will only be using Google Classroom to return grades to you. All official grades will be on "Infinite Campus/Parent Portal".


Wakelet~ I am using this platform to keep parents up-to-date with the latest lessons and assignments. This is just for organization so you can find everything in ONE spot. Parents will receive a copy of the Student Weekly Checklist!


Checklist~ Each week you will have a weekly checklist that includes all assignments and/or assessments in one Google Document organized by day and date. Please use this list to "check off" your completed tasks each day. We will go over this at the beginning of each week during our class meeting.


Big Ideas Math Textbook~ I have already copied ALL Chapters from our textbook as a PDF file that you can download in English and Spanish. Please use these chapters as references and extra practice. Click the "BIM" link to the right!