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Mrs. Law's Consumer Life Skills class

About me:  I am originally from Manahawkin, NJ, which is located about 30 minutes north of here (mainland Long Beach Island).  I attended Rowan University from 1999-2003.  I began teaching in EHT in the 2005-2006 school year and also taught a year at Southern Regional High School.  I am certified to teach Special Education, English, History and Elementary Education. 


 Consumer Life Skills Class


Overview:   The purpose of this class is to help you, as an individual, develop into a mature, young adult and live on your own.  Hopefully, through the activities and discussions that we have in class, you will be able to gain the preparation that you need in order to live independently.


Curriculum and Grading Policy

Consumer Lifeskills

Grades 9-12

Course will enable students to develop consumer and life skills necessary to be functioning members of society.


Instructional content focus:

creative thinking / problem solving

media literacy

life & career skills

school to work transitional skills


money management

dealing w/conflict /conflict resolution

assertiveness & self-advocacy


team building

community travel awareness & safety

pre-readiness work skills (obtaining / sustaining employment)


Sample Goals for Students:


(9.1: 21st Century Life Skills)- SWBAT recognize a problem and brainstorm ways to solve the problem individually or collaboratively


(9.2: Personal Financial Literacy)- SWBAT identify potential sources of income and various jobs in the community related to earning


(9.3: 21st Century Career Awareness, Exploration, Preparation)- SWBAT identify qualifications needed to pursue traditional and contemporary careers & occupations


(9.4: 21st Century Career & Technical Education)- SWAT identify 16 career clusters and select an area of interest to research and explore

Grading Policy:

Classwork/ Projects 30%

Tests/Quizzes  60%

 Quarterly   10%